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About Alicia Segreste
I walk the path, went to the university then got the Master's degree, worked for large transnational companies. During that time, I approached all possible personal growth teachings and doctrines. All the concepts were very clear, if I did this or that then I would be happy. In some moments they served and did not finish landing in my life. I had to retire for a while and the gift was to become a Certified Facilitator of The Work© a process of inquiry and self-knowledge, created by Byron Katie.
Life has become more fun, serene, clear and even happy. And when there is a black bean in the rice, I have the 4 questions and the turnarounds to come back to me.

Currently a trainer for the Institute of The Work (ITW), an active member of the Spanish-speaking Association of The Work (ATW), and an event translator for Katie. I actively participate in seminars, training groups or companies and offer voluntary service to NGOs/communities. Today I live with a genuine desire to contribute and make known this process of inquiry and self-knowledge to improve the environment.

Alicia Segreste

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